ČESKÁ BESEDA (DVD + CD + instruction)   €40/$45

The Czech Beseda is the original Bohemian salon quadrille devised in the second half of the 19th century to compete with the then popular Parisian imports. During the Czech national revival period, patriotic efforts were made to present the ballroom dancers with a quadrille based on the steps and tunes of the indigenous folk dances. That intention was brought to fruition by dancing master Karel Link, who choreographed the steps to the music arranged by Ferdinand Heller. The result of their cooperation met with a great success in the whole of Bohemia, and beyond. We present Česká Beseda in accordance with the Link’s original description to ensure that his intentions have been fully preserved. The set includes: a CD with the music, the description of the dance together with historical notes and the sheet music, and a DVD showing the quadrille danced once in the period costumes and again in gym costumes, with an additional display of all particular steps.

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HANÁCKÁ BESEDA (DVD + CD + instruction)   €40/$45

Hanácká Beseda is a set of 11 most popular dances from the Haná region in central Moravia. It was devised in 1947 and became popular mainly in the local region, by all kind of dancers, old and young, advanced and less advanced, owing to its relative simplicity. The set contains: a CD with music in two versions – instrumental and vocal, a DVD with the full sequence of all 11 dances, a performance of the songs by a male choir, display of the art of tying the Haná headscarf, and some other items of folkloristic interest. It also includes a detailed written description of the Beseda with the background information, and notes on the authors.

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MORAVSKÁ BESEDA (DVD + CD + instruction)   €40/$45

The author of the Moravian Beseda was a popular Prague dancing master Richard Kaska. After seeing the success of Česká Beseda, based on the Czech folk songs and dance steps, he resolved to create a similar popular salon quadrille using the rich sources of the Moravian folklore. Bearing in mind its origin, a salon orchestra accompaniment was chosen in preference to a brass band, as nowadays sometimes happens when the Moravian Beseda is performed. The set includes: a DVD with the whole Beseda danced twice – once in the period costumes and once in gym costumes, with an additional display of each particular dance figure, a CD with the music, and a booklet with the dance instruction, the history of the quadrille and the piano music (in *pdf format) to facilitate rehearsing for groups that have access to a live musician.

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POJĎTE VŠICHNI DO KOLA (DVD + CD + instruction)   €40/$45

Under the title “Pojďte všichni do kola” (Come and Join Our Dance) DVORANA issued, in September 2008, a set of 12 Czech folk dances, easy enough to be danced by children, and interesting enough to be performed (in a slightly more complicated version) by grown-ups. The chosen dances are judged to be suitable for children of all ages, owing to their simple arrangements and easy rhythms.
The music on the CD was recorded by the folk music band Kvítek from Hradec Králové (in Eastern Bohemia). The DVD was prepared in co-operation with the ensemble Dyleň from Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), in two mutations: once danced by children in the easy version, the second time by adults in a version suitable for mixed ability dancers from teenage upwards. This is complemented by a booklet with the description of each dance in both versions, the background notes, the lyrics of the songs, and methodical “hints” to help teachers in children classes.

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SLEZSKÁ BESEDA (DVD + CD + instruction)   €40/$45

The impulse to create Silesian Beseda came from an undisputed success of Czech Beseda, and subsequently Moravian Beseda. Czech Beseda was created 50 years earlier, in 1863, during the Czech patriotic revival within the German-language dominated Austrian Empire. Eduard Bartoníček, the Silesian Beseda deviser, did not so much desire to create a new dance, as to turn back this germanisation process and revive the old local tunes and dances. By the beginning of the 20th century it was mostly just older people who remembered words of the folk songs and steps used in local dances. Having taught Silesian Beseda in its salon presentation, we decided to produce also the folk version. In it, a dance band with folk instruments replaced a salon orchestra and tunes were reunited with the lyrics of the original folk songs. It is a version, danced nowadays by some folkloristic groups who still keep Silesian Beseda in their repertoire.

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