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FACONE Tour 2017

County Dance Festival OBROK (Pre-tour Extension)

We are inviting you to join us for the dance festival OBROK in South Bohemia...

October 12, Thursday


arrive in Prague

check-in and registration

07:00 dinner with the group

You will arrive in Prague sometime during the day, check-in to the hotel, register and relax. We will meet in the lobby at 7:00 pm and walk to a nearby restaurant for dinner. After dinner, if you have enough energy you can join us for short walk to see Wenceslas Square (Václavské náměstí) - the heart of Prague.

October 13, Friday


09:00 depart for Vyšehrad

12:00 lunch on your own


03:00 departure

05:00 arrive in Volyně, check-in

06:00 dinner with the group

08:00 opening program of the festival

Before we will leave for the festival, you will have a free morning. You can rest, go to the city center on your own, or join us the a visit to the Vyšehrad. Local legend claims that this site was the first settlement that later grew into Prague; in any event, the view from the heights is lovely, with a cathedral and the national cemetery there. For lunch you'll be on your own and then we will depart and go directly to Volyně. There you will check-in, receive a program detailing the different classes happening in four separate dance halls throughout the weekend, enjoy dinner with the group, then participate in the festival opening.

October 14, Saturday

festival program

Today you can dance throughout the entire day and evening. Dance classes during the day; in the evening there is a bal featuring different kids of dancing, including country dancing, western line dancing, and dance performances by area club square dance groups. Many people dress up for the occasion. Lunch and dinner are on your own.

October 15, Sunday


festival program

closing ceremony


lunch on your own

03:00 depart for Prague

04:00 stop in Písek

06:00 arrival in Prague

Sunday morning features more dancing at the festival. After the closing ceremony we will have time for lunch and and then will take our tour bus back to Prague. On the way we will stop in Písek. Here we will cross the oldest stone bridge in central Europe - the bridge dates back to the end of 13th century and is a UNESCO World Heritage site today. After arriving in Prague, you will check-in at the hotel, meet with the rest of the group and we will walk together to the nearby restaurant for dinner.


Program may change without notice.

Accommodation and meals during the festival

For your first night in Prague, you will stay at the Hotel Beránek. You can read more about the hotel in the travel information. During the two nights of the festival we will stay in suites in the student dormitory. While they are not fancy, they are clean and convenient to the festival activities. The dormitory is arranged in suites, with two double rooms and a bathroom facility in each suite. All the rooms are nonsmoking. Most of the festival participants will stay here, as well.

The festival program indicates when you will have meals with the group and when you will be on your own. We will have Friday dinner and breakfast on Saturday and Sunday together. We will make suggestions and show you restaurants or grocery stores where you can get food for your other meals during the festival.




Obrok Festival

Obrok Festival

Obrok Festival

Obrok Festival

Obrok Festival

Obrok Festival

Obrok Festival

Obrok Festival

Obrok Festival

Obrok Festival

Obrok Festival