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Charles bridge

Prague castle

Prague castle

Old town square

Prague bridges


Astronomical clock

National Theater


Guard at the Castle


Prague roofs






FACONE Tour 2017

Click HERE for the map of the tour.


October 15, Sunday


arrive in Prague


06:30 registration

07:30 dinner with the group

09:00 welcome party in the hotel

You will arrive in Prague sometime during the day, check-in to the hotel and relax. From 6:00pm registration will be open in the hotel lobby; at 7:30 we will all walk to a nearby restaurant for dinner. After dinner we will return to the hotel and enjoy a Welcome Party!

October 16, Monday


09:00 depart for sightseeing

12:00 lunch with the group


04:00 free time in Prague

dinner on your own

Today you will spend the day enjoying the beautiful city of Prague with an expert city tour guide. You will visit Prague Castle and from there walk down into the city. Lunch will be together in a charming restaurant and you will finish the guided afternoon at the Old Town Square. Then you will be on your own for dinner and the rest of the evening.

October 17, Tuesday


09:00 departure

09:30 Ethnographic Museum

11:00 Petřín Hill


01:00 lunch on your own

free time

06:00 dinner cruise

08:00 landing

One more day in Prague. Our first stop will be to the Ethnographic Museum section of the National Museum. We will see the traditional costumes exhibit and an exposition about old Czech traditions. Then we will use the funicular to get up Petřín Hill and visit the view tower, after which we will walk down through the city’s Strahov Monastery area.. Lunch is on your own, after which you are free until we meet in the late afternoon for a dinner cruise on the Vltava River that will give you a new perspective of Prague. After the boat docks, you can return to the hotel or meander further around town.

October 18, Wednesday


08:45 load the bus

09:00 departure

10:30 brewery tour in Svijany

12:00 lunch with the group


02:00 hike in Český ráj (Czech paradise)

those who would prefer to relax have the option to do so at a nearby private home

05:00 departure

06:00 arrival in Tanvald, check-in

dinner with the group

Today we will load the bus and leave Prague. Before lunch we will tour a well-known brewery: Pivovar Svijany, established in 1564. Lunch will be in a near-by restaurant. There are two options for the afternoon: hiking in the area called Český ráj or relaxing in the home and garden of a friend in the nearby village of Dneboh. Late in the afternoon we will gather together and depart for our next hotel in Tanvald; after checking in, we will have dinner in the hotel restaurant.

October 19, Thursday


09:00 departure

09:30 wooden toy factory

10:30 departure

arrival in Jablonec nad Nisou

12:00 lunch on your own


02:00 visit Czech traditional glass beads museum

03:00 departure

03:30 Černá Desná River hike

05:30 view tower and museum of Jára Cimrman

06:30 dinner with the group

08:00 return to Jablonec nad Nisou

08:30 Renaissance dance group

10:00 depart for the hotel

Our morning visit will be in local factory for wooden toys that have been produced here for more then 100 years. For lunch we'll be in the town of Jablonec nad Nisou, after which we will visit a museum of Czech traditional glass beads which are famous here. Because we'll be in the Jizera Mountains region we will do an easy hike that will take us from the Souš Dam and follow the stream to Desná. On the way we will see a lovely waterfall. Later in the afternoon we will climb up one of the area’s famous view towers, followed by dinner in a local stylish restaurant. After dinner we will have one more activity: a meeting with local dancers who focus on historical dances. We will enjoy watching them perform and then learn some easy Renaissance dances.

October 20, Friday


08:45 load the bus

09:00 departure

09:45 arrival in Železný Brod, tour in local glass work factory

11:00 departure

11:30 Bozkov caves – tour


01:00 lunch on your own

02:30 departure

03:45 Austro-Prussian 1866 War Memorial in Trutnov

04:45 departure

05:15 stop in Malé Svatoňovice - cutouts

06:30 departure

07:00 arrive in Náchod, check-in

07:30 dinner in the hotel

Today we will be changing hotels again, so we need to load the bus in the morning. The day’s first stop will be in Železný Brod, an old glass-producing town founded in the 11th century. There we will tour the local glass works factory. After that we will have a guided tour of the Bozkov dolomite caves, which house the largest underground lake in Czech Republic. After lunch we will have one more stop to stretch our legs before we arrive in Náchod: we will enjoy a short walk through the woods to a memorial of the 1866 Austro-Prussian war. Finally, we will have one more stop before we arrive in Náchod. In the small village of Svatoňovice we will meet with local artists who produce very intricate traditional paper cutouts. From there it is a short trip to Náchod where we will check-in and will have dinner in the hotel restaurant.

October 21, Saturday


08:30 departure

09:00 Museum of Papermaking in Duszniki Zdrój

10:15 departure

11:00 Náchod chateau

12:30 departure


01:00 lunch on your own

03:00 departure

04:00 explore a WW II fortress in Dobrošov

05:00 walk to the restaurant (down the hill)

06:00 dinner with the group

07:30 departure

Today you can mark one more country in your travel diary. We will visit a famous papermaking museum in Poland where you will watch hand-made paper production. Then we will return to Náchod and visit a local chateau. You’ll be on your own for lunch. In the afternoon we will tour a very impressive WW II fortress with an underground system of tunnels. Afterward we will walk down the hill for dinner in a restaurant with a spectacular view of Dobrošov.

October 22, Sunday


08:45 load the bus

09:00 departure

09:30 stops in Česká Skalice, Barunčina škola

10:30 departure

11:00 Josefov - Baroque fortress

12:30 departure


01:00 arrival in Hradec Králové

lunch on your own

02:30 departure

03:15 arrive in Pardubice, check-in

04:30 walk around the historic city center

05:30 departure

06:00 arrive in Slatiňany

dinner with the group
meeting with local Czech folk dance group

09:30 departure

We need to move on and change hotels again. Today’s first stop will be in a historical school in Česká Skalice. Then we will have one more fortress on the schedule; this time we will visit one from the 18th century. While the tour is not underground, to explore the “casemate” we will use lamps with candles. Lunch will be on your own in the capital of East Bohemia - Hradec Králové. Finally we will arrive in Pardubice and will check-in to our hotel, after which we will walk through the historic city center. Later we will depart for the nearby town of Slatiňany where we will have dinner and then meet with a local Czech folk dance group. They will do a show for us and also will teach us some very simple Czech dances.

October 23, Monday


08:45 load the bus

11:00 Kutná Hora, visit the local cathedral

12:00 walk around the historic center, lunch on your own


02:00 departure

02:30 17th century church ruins and view tower

03:30 departure

04:00 open air museum in Kouřim

05:30 departure

06:30 dinner with the group

08:30 departure

09:00 arrive at Prague airport, check-in

This is our last full day together. We will once again turn in the direction back to Prague. On the way we have several interesting places to enjoy. First we will stop in Kutná Hora (UNESCO site) – a medieval town well-known for its silver mines. We will walk through the town, visit the local cathedral and have lunch. Back on the bus again, we will stop to admire the unique ruins of baroque church from the 17th century, then walk around an open-air museum. We will enjoy a final dinner with the group and will finally end up at the airport, where you will check-in for your last night in Prague.

October 24, Tuesday


It is time to say goodbye. We hope you have safe journeys home, and take with you many happy memories of your time in the Czech Republic.


Program may change without notice.




Cesky raj

Cesky raj

Toy factory

Glass museum

Cerna Desna hike

06.View tower.jpg
View tower

Villanella group


Bozkov caves


Trutnov memorial

Paper museum

Nachod chateau

WW II fortress

Nachod restaurant

Old school

Josefov fortress

Hradec Kralove

Folk dancers

Kutna Hora Cathedral

Kutna Hora

Open air museum