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FACONE Tour 2019
Jan Pumpr


Dear friends, this tour filled up already and we are not able to accept any more registrations. If you will register now, we will sign you up on the waiting list and will get in touch with all of you.
Thank you for your understanding.

Dear friends,

Dvorana and the Folk Arts Center of New England are pleased to invite you on a cultural tour into the heart of Europe - into the Czech Republic.

During your travels with us during the Main Tour you will enjoy visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites and historical towns, meet people who practice traditional Czech folk crafts, take hikes in beautiful surroundings, explore Vienna and Prague, meet Czech folk dancers, and learn first-hand about different aspects of local folklore.

If you are interested in seeing more, we invite you to join us for the Tour Extension. We will visit the western part of Czech Republic with many great and hidden places and lovely opportunities for relaxing hikes. We will stay at a beautiful chateau, visit the famous town of Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), and will enjoy experiencing the traditions surrounding Czech Easter Monday.

This tour is organized by Dvorana for the Folk Arts Center of New England with whom we have collaborated many times over the years. Jan Pumpr with Dvorana and Marcie Van Cleave, FAC's Executive Director, are coordinators for this tour. Jan is a native Prague resident, and Marcie has a lot of experience with Czech Republic from many previous tours and visits.

We look forward to welcoming you to Prague and the Czech Republic!


Jan Pumpr and Marcie Van Cleave