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Charles bridge

Prague castle

Prague castle

Old town square

Prague bridges


Astronomical clock

National Theater

Charles bridge




Guard at the Castle



Prague roofs











FACONE Tour 2019

Click HERE for the map of the tour.


If you decide to come in Vienna earlier, because of the tourist season you may have problems to book your own pre-tour accommodation. To cover this possibility, we have already booked rooms for the night on April 12th in Vienna. Let us know if you want to use this option.

April 13, Saturday


arrive in Vienna

05:00 meet in the hotel for registration

06:00 dinner at the hotel

We will meet in the hotel lobby at 5:00pm for the tour registration, then have a relaxed dinner together in the hotel restaurant. After dinner you will be on your own and free to do as you like, whether it be to unpack, rest, explore Vienna, or relax at a local rathskeller with fellow tour members.

April 14, Sunday


09:00 sightseeing

12:00 lunch with the group


free time

dinner on your own

There is no better way to begin this morning than with sightseeing! We will visit the Innerstadt, the old town center of Vienna, with a local English-speaking guide. After a full morning of walking and history lessons you may be ready for a break, so we will sit down and enjoy lunch together. You will then be on your own for the afternoon and evening, with time to explore Vienna however you would like. Wandering through its romantic streets, walking by the Danube River, visiting museums, or (window)shopping in the famous Kärntner Straße district … these are just some of many ways to while away an afternoon and evening in The Imperial City of Europe!

April 15, Monday


09:00 departure

10:30 stop at the archeological site of a Roman military camp

11:30 arrive in Dolní Kounice

visit Monastery Rosa Coeli

12:30 lunch with the group


02:00 departure

02:30 visit local synagogue

03:15 visit the Jewish cemetery

04:30 arrival in Brno, check-in

free time in the city, dinner on your own

08:00 meet with local folk dancers

09:30 depart for hotel

It is time to cross the border and enter the Czech Republic. Our first stop will be at the castra in Mušov – a plot of land used as a Roman military camp. Situated at the confluence of three rivers, it is one of the northern-most spots occupied by Roman soldiers. The next stop will be the ancient town of Dolní Kounice where Christians and Jews lived side by side for several centuries. There we will have lunch together, then visit the ruins of a late 14th-century monastery, a synagogue from 1655, and the town’s Jewish cemetery. Later in the afternoon we will arrive in Brno (the capital of Moravia) and will check into our hotel. You will have a few hours on your own to explore the city and eat dinner. Later in the evening we will enjoy a program with the Brno Folk Dancers, who will present a show featuring Moravian folk cultures.

April 16, Tuesday


09:00 departure for sightseeing in Brno

12:00 lunch with the group


02:00 visit Vila Tugendhat (UNESCO)

free time in the city

dinner on your own

In the morning we will start with sightseeing. Brno is the capital of Moravia, a modern, bustling city with 400,000 inhabitants. Despite being the second largest city in the Czech Republic with many government and higher education buildings, the historical center has been carefully preserved and is a very nice place to visit. After lunch we will tour Villa Tugendhat, a monument of modern architecture built in 1929 and listed as a UNESCO site. The story of the house and family is both fascinating and impressive. The rest of the day you will be on your own to enjoy and explore the city.

April 17, Wednesday


09:00 departure

09:30 pottery workshop in Rosice

12:00 arrival in Třebíč (UNESCO), walk to Jewish Getto

lunch on your own


03:00 departure

visit an ancient water mill

05:30 arrival in Telč (UNESCO)- walk around the town square

07:45 arrive in České Budějovice

08:00 dinner at the hotel

Is time to move on from Moravia into Bohemia. After loading the bus we will head east to our first stop, a potter’s workshop. There we will meet with the artist and watch as she shows us how she creates her traditional Czech pottery. Bring your koruny (Czech crowns), for you will be able to buy some of her artwork! Moving on, our next stop will be in Třebíč - home to a UNESCO site: its Jewish Ghetto that has been here since the Middle Ages. As we continue moving east we will next visit an ancient water mill, confirmed on this spot since at least 1536. We will remain in the same "time zone" because our next stop will be Telč – a captivating and beautiful Renaissance town as well as another UNESCO site with a town square framed by 16th-century houses. Finally we will arrive in the capital of South Bohemia - České Budějovice.

April 18, Thursday


09:00 departure

09:30 Budĕjovický Budvar (Budweiser!) - tour

11:00 free time in the city center

lunch on your own


01:30 departure

02:00 walk to the Dívčí Kámen castle

04:15 arrive in Český Krumlov (UNESCO), sightseeing

05:30 free time

06:30 dinner with the group

free time

09:00 departure for the hotel

What is the best way to start a morning in the Czech Republic? How about a tour in a brewery? Yes, we will visit the original Budweiser Budvar; first brewed in 1895, it proudly proclaims that it is the “Genuine Czech Beer”. Then you will have time on your own. After lunch we will depart for a short and scenic walk to the ruins of a castle that was built in the mid-1300s. Afterwards we will arrive in the fairy-tale town of Český Krumlov, with its 13th-century castle and 17th-century baroque theatre, it is well-deserved as a UNESCO site. We will saunter through the town together and then you will have some time for yourself. Our dinner will be in a notable restaurant that is famous because it is located in the town’s original jail. Because Český Krumlov is as lovely in the evening as during the day, we will have time after dinner to again walk these ancient streets and take a few more inspired photographs before departing for the hotel.

April 19, Friday


09:00 departure

10:00 tour of Hluboká chateau


01:00 stop in Písek, lunch on your own

03:00 arrival in Květuš, Easter traditions preparation, dancing

06:30 dinner with the group

07:00 departure

08:30 arrive in Prague, check-in

This morning we have another highlight - the Hluboká Chateau. After a tour we will move north and stop in Písek - There we will walk across the Písek Stone Bridge, also known as the Stag Bridge, the oldest stone bridge in central Europe - older than the Charles Bridge in Prague. Lunchtime will be on your own. In the afternoon we will go to local old farm that is no longer used for farming, but where we will learn about and try our hands at some of the traditional activities connected with the coming Easter holiday. We will enjoy the company of local Czechs and eat dinner here. Later in the evening we will arrive in Prague and check in.

April 20, Saturday


09:00 depart for sightseeing

12:30 lunch with the group


02:00 sightseeing

04:00 free time

05:30 meet at Old Town Square

06:00 dinner cruise

08:00 free time

Our first full day in Prague - one of the most beautiful cities in the world! How to best describe the program? Sightseeing in the morning, lunch together, sightseeing in the afternoon. We will be shown around town by a very knowledgeable guide who has been leading tours of Prague for over 40 years, and who is a good friend of ours. It will not be your average kind of walking tour! Afterwards you will have some time on your own and then we will meet again for a dinner cruise on the Vltava River. This will give you a chance to see Prague from a different perspective.

April 21, Sunday


optional visit to Vyšehrad


free time

07:00 dinner and folklore show

Unfortunately, some of you may need to travel back home a day early in order to return to work on Monday morning. We are sorry you have to leave us. Everybody else can either have time on their own or join us for a walk to Vyšehrad. Local legend claims this site was the first settlement that later grew into the city of Prague; in any event, the view from the heights is lovely, with a cathedral and the National Cemetery there. You will be on your own for lunch and the afternoon. Then we will meet again and go to a restaurant in Old Town to enjoy dinner and a folklore show. There are several similar programs in Prague, but this one is the best. With a good meal, and very accomplished musicians and dancers in traditional Czech costumes performing an entertaining dance and music show, we know you will enjoy your last evening in Prague.

April 22, Monday

depart for US or the extension



08:30 departure

09:30 arrival in Plzeň area, Easter celebration

10:30 arrival in Plzeň - sightseeing, free time


lunch on your own

02:00 train ride

03:00 tour the Plasy monastery

05:00 walk to the view tower

07:00 arrival in Jirkov chateau, check-in

07:30 dinner with the group

This is the official end of the main tour. So after breakfast we will say “goodbye” to those who need to return home. For the rest of you, this will be the beginning of a new adventure! We will be heading west and our first stop will be in village close to Plzeň. Here we will discover how Easter Monday is celebrated in Czech Republic. After this mini-celebration with people from the folklore esemble Jiskra we will move on to the capital of Western Bohemia – Plzeň. There we will have some time to do a little sightseeing together in the town’s historical center, after which you will be on your own for lunch. In the afternoon we will take a train ride that goes through a nature preserve and the very scenic countryside of the Střela River area. It is difficult to walk but easy to ride! We will detrain in the small town of Plasy and visit its unique monastery founded in the 12th century and renovated 500 years later. We will also be able to stretch our legs a bit with a walk up to the local view tower to enjoy the panoramic sight. In the evening we will reach Jirkov Chateau and check in, after which we will enjoy dinner together in a local restaurant.

April 23, Tuesday


09:00 departure

09:30 open-air museum

11:30 WW II fortress


01:00 lunch with the group

03:30 arrival in Wolkenstein, Germany

walk in the city, dessert treat

06:00 short hike at the country border

07:30 arrival in Chomutov, dinner on your own

09:00 departure for the hotel

In the morning we will visit a small open-air museum where some of the local craftsmen will join us to demonstrate traditional handcrafts. Afterward we will journey to a WW II bunker. It was built in 1937 to protect against Hitler and his army; today it is a museum. We will enjoy lunch together in a nice country restaurant. Then, because we will be close to Germany and it would be a pity to miss the opportunity, we will make a quick visit to the German town of Wolkenstein with its picturesque castle and delectable desserts. Then, back to Czech Republic for dinner on your own in Chomutov.

April 24, Wednesday


09:00 departure

09:30 visit Hasištejn Castle

11:30 arrival in Karlovy Vary,

visit local glass workshop

12:30 funicular ride up to the view tower


01:00 lunch with the group

03:00 walk in the city, free time

06:15 arrive in Kadaň, walk in the city

dinner on your own

08:30 departure

09:00 arrive at hotel

This day is full of memorable spots! First we will stop at the ruin of the medieval castle Hasištejn. You will be able to climb the tower or wander around the castle grounds. Then we will arrive in the world-famous city of Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad). Here we will visit the local glassworks, then take a funicular to the Diana Observation Tower at the top of the mountain. Afterwards we will walk in the city and you will have some free time to enjoy the city’s various colonnades, hot springs, and architecture. On the way back to our chateau, we will stop in another unique town - Kadaň with the narrowest street in Czech Republic (the executioner's lane). Should you successfully navigate Katova ulička, you will be on your own for dinner.

April 25, Thursday


09:00 departure

09:30 tour of local underground cellar system

11:15 arrive in Žatec

tour in the Temple of Hops and Beer

12:30 lunch on your own


03:00 walk in chateau park

04:30 Museum of stained glass

closing dinner in traditional restaurant

accommodation in hotel at the Prague airport

This is our last full day together. Before we leave this region we will visit the local underground system of original medieval cellars that were connected in a large labyrinth. Those who survive will go with us to Žatec and enjoy the Hop Museum and Temple of Hops and Beer. As you now know, Czech Republic is the beer kingdom. But this reputation was earned not only because of the beverage itself but also because of the quality of the ingredients used to make the beer, specifically, the region’s hops. And hops from Žatec area is World-Class Number One! Lunch will be on your own again. After a short bus ride we will visit a lovely chateau and its parks, dating from 1793. The next stop will be in a small workshop of stained glass where you will see many different styles of these works of art. In the evening we will enjoy our final meal together in a restaurant near Prague. Tonight you will sleep at the airport hotel in order to make your departure the next day as easy as possible.

April 26, Friday


departure after breakfast


Program may change without notice.





Dolni Kounice

Dancers in Brno


Brno Tugendhat

Pottery workshop

Trebic ghetto




Ceske Budejovice

Divci kamen

Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov

Hluboka chateau

Pisek bridge

Making cookies


Vysehrad Rotunda

National Cemetery

Folklor show


Easter egg

Stained glass workshop

Cerveny Hradek

WW II museum

Hasistejn castle



Dark and Light